Enroll Today!

Automatic Guaranteed Enrollment at R Athletics!

We have listened to your suggestions and are guaranteeing your spot all school year.
 Now there is no more having to remember to sign up again! We will automatically 
keep your child in class and charge your credit card the Sunday of the sixth week
 of our eight week sessions. We will continue evaluating your athletes and handing 
out progress reports on week 7 too so you can let us know if your child is moving to 
a different level. You will still have the ability to change days or times. Just stop at
 the front desk or call us at (616) 957-4900 and we will transfer your child.  If you do 
not wish to continue, email us at or stop at the front desk to fill out a simple form before week 6 and we will not charge you for the upcoming 

In the summer, we go to all weekday classes to better meet your needs so you will
 have the chance in June to pick out the schedule that best fits your summer lifestyle.

Session #1 (Feb 8 - March 6)

We R Healthy & We R Unique

Billing Date: February 21

Session #2 (March 8 - May 1)

We R Friends & We R Strong

Billing Date: April 18

Session #3 (May 3 - June 26)

We R Athletes & We R Leaders

Please contact to schedule your summer classes 

Session #4 (June 28 - August 21)

We R The USA & We R The World

Please contact to schedule your Fall classes 

  • We will be closed the week of July 4 – July 10

Session #5 (August 23 - October 16)

We R Smart & We R Safe

Billing Date: October 3

Session #6 (Oct 18 - Dec 18)

We R Thankful & We R Generous

Billing Date: December 5