• Cheerleading

    …safely advance your skills

Welcome To Rah! Cheer Classes

For Athletes 6 to 18 Years-Old

As we all know, Cheerleaders are full-blown athletes!  If you attend a cheer competition, you will find that these athletes are flipping, stunting, and defying gravity. Such skills are not developed overnight.

R-Athletics’ padded floors, mats, tramps, tumble tracks, trained spotters, and pits will provide the safety needed to advance each athlete’s tumbling  skills.  Rah! Cheer classes are designed to give kids every advantage possible in being successful in the sport of Cheerleading.

Rah Cheer Classes

  • 55 Minute Class - Once Per Week

    $197.00 per EIGHT week session

Drop-In Tumbling Classes are NOT currently being offered

Drop-In Tumbling Classes are for girls age 6 – 18 and designed to increase strength and flexibility and teach new tumbling skills while perfecting existing skills.  Coaches will be present to help set up drills, critique technique and spot.

  • (NOT OFFERED UNTIL SPRING) 6 Drop-In Tumbling Classes

  • (NOT OFFERED UNTIL SPRING) 12 Drop-In Tumbling Classes