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Circus/Carnival Camp

Summer time is the best time for carnivals and the circus! Kids cannot get enough of the carnival mini games and circus tents every year. We at R-Athletics are going to have that fun happen all week long! Join us for two days of carnival theme and two days of circus theme games, competitions, awards, crafts, and the best part of all of it, the food! Special appearances may include a ball pit, bounce house, and some animal friends might just stop by as well!

Gymnastics/Ninja Camp

Boys and girls of all ages are welcome to this jam-packed gymnastics and ninja camp combined! This camp will be packed with skill-building exercises for every level of gymnast and ninja. Campers will get to work on their individual skills, being challenged each day of camp on balance beam, vault, uneven bars, floor, trampoline, and even conditioning. Coaches will work with age and level specific groups to make activities and drills engaging, motivating, and exciting! There is never a bad time to put in extra practice to master the camper’s current level in order to advance to the next!

American Girl/Barbie Camp

Everyone had a doll they would love to carry around everywhere they went when they were a child; now let your little one bring their favorite American Girl or Barbie to this energetic camp! We will be spending the entire time with the kids and their dolls, designing special crafts for the two of them to use together, doing the doll’s hair and nails, and even giving them a fashion show to walk to together! This camp will foster imagination and creativity for each child that loves to make their dreams become an adventure.


Dare Devil/Adventure Camp

Do you love to take risks and be adventurous? Does the idea of gliding down zip lines and doing crazy tricks in the air get your heart racing? If you answered yes, then Dare Devil/Adventure Camp is the place to be! All week long we will be upping the ante for all those who think basic skills are a bore while doing it in a safe place. With our awesome coaches and equipment in our gyms, we will make sure all the skills and activities will get your heart pounding from fun and adventure!

Wild Wilderness/Safari Camp

Do you love nature and want to learn more about survival in crazy environments? Each day throughout the week, campers will be faced with a different habitat and climate to overcome: the jungle, the arctic, the mountains, and the desert. Each wilderness includes survival challenges, team building games, experiments, and exploration of animals and habitats. Come join us rain or shine in the summertime to gear up for any survival situation you may come across anytime around the world!

Glitz and Glam Camp

All fashionistas are welcome to join us for our beautifully entertaining Glitz and Glam Camp! The more bling, the better! Girls will get to enjoy being girls by getting their makeup done, having a fashion show down our glitzy runway, and even getting their nails done at our mani-pedi station! So practice your runway walk because all the girls will get to experience the life of a model in this glamorous camp! We will be glamming it up with creativity and flair while playing a fabulous amount of spectacular games and activities!


Laser Tag/Nerf Camp

What can be better than being able to play Laser Tag and with Nerf guns all in one camp? All week long, we are recruiting novice to advanced Nerf and laser enthusiasts to join us for an action-packed camp! Campers will take part in tactical training, team building games, target practice, and adventures through mazes and obstacle courses. Campers will get to work in teams as well as individual to help enhance their training skills. We will use mats and gym equipment to create forts and hideouts. We will provide Nerf guns, bullets, and laser guns for each camper. But please feel free to bring your favorite gun with your to camp if you have one!

Master Magician Camp

Does the thought of seeing magic tricks blow your mind? Ever wonder how those magicians make their tricks so perfect? Now is your chance to become the Master Magician you have always wanted to be to impress your friends and family with your magical powers! This camp will include two days of magician training, and two days at Hogwarts with Harry Potter for wizardry training! Plan on being here for our awesome games like Quidditch, making magical potions, and taking note from a master magician while they perform their perfected skills!

Super Heroes Save the Day/Princess Party Camp

Are you a Super Hero in action or a princess that loves to hold parties in her kingdom? Luckily for you, if you are one or the other, this is the camp for you! Super heroes will be here fighting crime and looking after the city from evil villains! Princesses will be holding events like tea parties and contests with games while dressing up too! Both camps will be separate, and there is no gender restriction. There are definitely plenty of boy and girl super heroes in the world who can all save the day!


Gymnastics/Ninja Camp

Can’t keep the kids from jumping off the couches at home and climbing the curtains? Bring them to our Gymnastics/Ninja Camp! All youngins are welcome to join us for an adventurous time while practicing our ninja and gymnastics skills! Obstacle courses, skills rotations, rope climbs, and exercises are sure to get the kids pumped up and excited about trying hard to move up a level! Boys and girls will have plenty to achieve in this courageous and awesome camp!

Rock star Camp

Singing and dancing up on a stage while performing is what being a rock star is all about! If you have a little rock star with big dreams, send them to R-Athletics for a prep course on how being a rock star all works! We will have special performances the campers can come up with and create their own instruments, music, and songs! Each day will also be packed with exciting musical challenges, games, jam sessions, and all around fantastic fun! We can’t wait to see all of them shine like a star!

Fitness Fun Action Packed Camp

If you love sports and our RUSH program, the Fitness Fun Action Packed Camp is your time to shine! Each day we will have competitions and games for those who love to take sports and fitness seriously! Whether your child is an experienced athlete or just jumpstarting their exercise goals, this camp will be fun and engaging for all campers involved. We will be sure to help your child discover things that will have them feeling good about being active. This camp will be a fun way to allow your child to try out some new activities and create new challenges as well!


Wacky Water Camp

We are bringing back the fun of beating the heat here at R-Athletics! Our famous Wacky Water Camp always has the kids enjoying summer days outside with fun water activities! There will be water slides, Slip-n-Slides, water balloon fights, and water pistol action happening all week! Along with fun water-themed crafts, there will be games inside and out to enjoy the summer the short time it lasts. Make sure all campers bring swimsuits, towels, and water appropriate shoes so they can enjoy the celebration of H2O!

We R the USA/Olympics Camp

If you are missing the Olympics this year because they were so enjoyable to watch last year, come with us to the We R the USA/Olympics camp! Campers will learn about various Olympics sports and how they work, such as Volleyball, Long Jump, Relay Races, and Gymnastics, of course! Each day campers will take part in “young Olympian training”, doing warm-up, exercises, engaging conditioning, and trying out various sporting events through fun games and activities. Come represent the USA all week long at R-Athletics!


Flips and Tricks/Mission Impossible Camp

Being a spy is all about being stealthy all while doing cool flips and tricks! In this camp, we break down what it takes to be the best spy you can be! We will incorporate action moves with tasks that are believed to be impossible to complete! If you work hard enough, we think these missions can be achieved with the right training, which is what we can give you! There will be games, crafts, and skills rotations to make sure you are ready for the mission that needs to be completed in order to save the world!

Spa Day Camp

Summer time can get hectic for everyone, of all ages! Let the kids relax and join us for a Spa Day Camp where they will get pampered by our wonderful coaches all week long. Manicures, pedicures, facials, even cucumbers on our eyes are some of the things we will be relaxing with all week long. We will even have special sparkling drinks just like at a real salon! Campers will learn basic practices of cosmetology, such as hair, makeup, nails, and massage through the use of dolls and willing partners/other campers. You will not want to pass up this luxurious opportunity!

Ninja Zone Camp

Whether your child is a beginner ninja in training or an experienced warrior, the fun never stops with our trained Ninja Zone instructors! Ninja Zone is a fusion of obstacle training, gymnastics, martial arts, and freestyle movement. Your child will learn a combination of skills and discipline while enjoying the space of the gym and activities with our specialized Ninja Zone mats! Join the hot trend and have your young one come be a ninja with R-Athletics!


RUSH Athletics Camp

Rapid Movement. Untapped Potential. Strength Development. Healthy Habits. These are the four core components of our RUSH program here at R-Athletics. Our RUSH Athletics Camp is for those who want to improve their athletic ability through strength and endurance! The camp makes regular drills, strength training, agility practice, and exercise FUN! We combine games, competitions, and motivational awards with our training to allow kids to have a blast while tapping into their athletic potential!

American Girl/Barbie Camp

Our popular American Girl/Barbie Camp is back! Have your girl bring her doll BFF and maybe even her real BFF to get together for a party at R-Athletics! Along with Open Gym with their dolls, they get to incorporate them into games like limbo and hula hooping! We will even have special small equipment for them to make for their dolls for them to enjoy gymnastics together! Whether your camper is a Barbie type of girl, or an all-American girl, we have excitement for all to join in!

Laser Tag/Nerf Camp

Other places may have Laser Tag, but do they let you play with Nerf guns too?! R-Athletics has all you need to have double the fun with this camp! We will use mats and gym equipment to create forts and hideouts for special plans of attack to get the highest score! There will also be more training through mazes and obstacle courses to get you ready for the ultimate event at the end of each day! We will provide nerf guns, bullets, and laser guns for each camper, but if you already have a favorite one at home, bring it on in!


Gymnastics/Ninja Camp

Did you happen to miss our other two gymnastics/ninja camps? Well we are saving the best for the last week of summer in this awesome camp! Each day will include warm-ups, high-cardio conditioning games, and activities and exercises suitable for the level of your gymnast or ninja! The final week of summer is destined for some high energy, and that is what this camp is all about! If your camper is anxious to learn more to move up a level, this extra practice will sure help achieve that goal!

Wacky Water Camp

We are holding on to every bit of summer that we can! By doing so, we are breaking out the water games one last time this week! Come cool off with R-Athletics and enjoy the outdoor adventures we will be having, like more water gun and water balloon wars, and our Slip-N-Slide! Each day campers will also explore different water habitats such as rivers, lakes, and oceans- not to mention all the underwater critters that come along with it! Please bring along swimsuits, towels, and water appropriate shoes.

Crazy Creative Crafting

Can’t get enough of Pinterest and DIY activities? Our Crazy Creative Crafting camp has a new do-it-yourself craft each day that is sure to get the creative bug active in all campers! We will be making things such as pillows, water balloon flip-flops, and even a personalized t-shirt! Along with fun crafts, we will be playing an assortment of games that will get each camper’s imagination running to become creative with solutions! You will not want to miss this hands-on camp that has creativity become a reality!