• Gymnastics (Crawlers-5 years old)

  • 50 min. classes once a week

R-Athletics of Grand Rapids, MI has designed classes for little athletes to learn coordination, flexibility, along with basic gymnastics skills. These classes will begin with a fun, active warm-up and stretches that teach the importance of having a healthy body and mind based around the “We R…” theme of the month. Following the warm-up, the kids will go to each station that is set up based around the four Olympic gymnastics events: Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor along with Tramp and Tumble Track. Skills will develop through safe, age appropriate drills that will build a foundation for future progression. In addition to gymnastics, they will be exposed to shapes, colors, letters, numbers, healthy living habits and other exciting learning tools. They will end class with a wrap-up time of songs and review of what they have learned that day. This is an exciting time in your child’s life as they discover who they are. We look forward to sharing it with you and them!

Crawlers & Parent / Tot Class (Crawlers-3 years)

This class is designed for Roll n’ Gymnasts to learn coordination, flexibility, & basic gymnastics while bonding with an adult friend they bring to class. Adults are encouraged to take an active roll in this class.

3-year-old Class

Your Roll n’ Gymnast is growing up and now ready to take a class without a guardian. Interaction with their peers will be encouraged along with listening and learning skills.

4/5 year old Class

These classes will run similar to the 3-year-old class structure. As your Roll n’ Gymnasts grows, so will their ability to learn gymnastics skills.